7 essential tools to have in your home

We have all been through a phase where we have struggled calling and waiting for a handyman to come and fix minor broken things in our house. But you need not to worry anymore, all you need to do is to have some common home tools that can be used to fix broken things in your home. This is going to make your life much easier by excluding the extra charges and waiting for a carpenter.
Also if you have some home tools, you can build up various home DIY things to remodel your home decor and get your rooms a new look with simple steps. Whether it is gardening of hanging up your favourite picture, you can do it all by yourself. All you need to do is, buy some essential home tools and keep that around.

Here is the list of tools that every home must have.

Screwdriver set: You can always use these screwdrivers to fix various things. You can tighten cabinet hardware, install light switches, and crack open the lids on metal paint cans.
Photo: Courtesy of StanleyTools.com

Hammer: With a hammer you can easily fix nails into walls to hang pictures, make a photo wall, assemble furniture, and build birdhouses.
Photo: Courtesy of CooperHandTools.com

Drill: From drilling holes in walls to hang your favourite picture to putting together a DIY chair, this versatile tools has a number of uses.
Photo: Courtesy of BlackandDecker.com

Duct Tape: You can use a Duct Tape to repair torn tarps, broken buckets, and almost everything except ducts. This can stick all your broken things with its thick, woven backing that is thicker than most rolls.
Photo: Courtesy of GorillaGlue.com

Adjustable Wrench: This pair of semi-circular wrenches has 6- and 10-inch-long handles. You can use it for tightening and assemble all types of home appliances.

Photo: Courtesy of CooperHandTools.com

Measuring Tape: You can use a measuring tape to get the perfect size of your rooms and furniture and get your home some amazing home decor accordingly.

Photo: Courtesy of Bostitch.com

Putty Knife: You can use a putty knife to scratch a window, or scrape off paint or wallpaper. It is easy to use and very convenient to have.
Photo: Courtesy of HydeTools.com


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