Interior style ideas for your new home

So you have bought a home but have you thought of your new home’s interiors yet? Planning your interior is not an easy task and can leave you stressed and worried. Luckily there is a wide range of interior styles you can choose from which perfectly suit your taste. Here are some interior styles that might help bring out your sense of style and create your perfect home.

Contemporary Style- Contemporary style is the art of modern styling. The use of balanced colour, warmth and bright glowing lights are a necessary part of this style. One cannot use floral things or printed materials while designing your interiors in a contemporary theme. Style plus elegance is the highlight of this. Making use of solid wood door, velvet material and side lamps are some of the much used and essential things to complete this look.


Classic Style- Classic style is as its name suggests. The furniture and lights that are used in this style are well crafted designs and use a set pattern of colors that complement each other well. It has touch of legendary designs from ancient time which truly depicts the royal style, setting your home apart from the rest.


High-tech Style- People who believes in living with different patterns and concept around are the hi-tech style lovers. Inspired by the innovative techniques of designing furniture, this style mostly uses not more than 2 color combinations together while designing a room or furniture.


Country Style- Inspired from the English and French, this style is a common trend while building the interiors of a luxurious farm house. The use of printed, floral and light color patterns are a must in this interior style to give home a different look. This style has an elegant and classy touch.


Vintage Style- As its name suggests, Vintage is a throwback to the style of our fore-fathers. The designs are similar to those of the 40’s and 50’s and possess beautiful and nostalgic look. Soft colours and good use of fabrics are cornerstones of this style.


Retro Style- Who doesn’t love looking different and retro! Taken from the 60’s and 70’s, this style involves a lot of different color combination and funky paintings in the room. The design patterns on walls can be innovatively created in your own style to give your home this crazy yet beautiful look.


Modern Style- Simplicity with the most luxurious look is the right definition for modern style. While you plan to do your interiors you can play around with geometric shapes to give your furniture a nice look. Color used while designing this kind of interior are mostly dull or bright colors that have a single tone.



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