Top 5 reasons why one should invest in a house in and around Hebbal

The rapid development of the city in the past few years has made real estate a lucrative investment option. Further the slowdown in market has made it the perfect time to buy a house at lower rates. However, as it always has been, the key is location, location, location.

Ideally one should invest in a place that has high potential of development in the future to take advantage of the low prices and excellent ROI. One of such area is, in and around of Hebbal where major infrastructure development can now be seen at a rapid pace.

Here are top 5 reasons why one should invest or buy a house in and around Hebbal:

Business parks – Business parks like Kirloskar Tech Park and developing Devenahalli Park near airport bring in rapid development of any area. Since nobody likes to spend too much time on their commute to work, there is a high demand for residential properties around these parks which in turn lead to other spheres of development.

kiloskar tech park

Connectivity – Hebbal and its nearby areas have excellent connectivity to most parts of the city. Wide open roads, the Hebbal railway station and easy commuting with Volvo buses has made it a lot easier for people to get to different parts of the city be it for work or leisure.


Health care– This area has some of the best medical care facilities with hospitals like Columbia Asia Hospital, Bangalore Baptists Hospital, Ninth month, etc., in the vicinity. This ensures quick treatment and well-being when living around Hebbal and leads to the development of more residential properties.


Leisure – Shopping malls, restaurants, tourist spots, etc. are all indicators of development. Hebbal has this in abundance with more opening up every day, giving people a variety of things to do in their free time and making it more likely for them to settle down there.


Synergy with nature – Gone are the days when development merely meant concrete jungles. Today sustainable development is the key and nothing encompasses this more than the Hebbal Lake. Hebbal Lake gives the perfect feeling of being around nature, witnessing beautiful sceneries and living in a serene atmosphere while being close to home.



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