Vintage House VS Modern House

Wonderful exteriors and interiors can be the two things that could brighten up the look of your house. With the evolution of construction and design, the shift of vintage to modern has seen many variations and have inspired different concepts of architecture and interior design.

From the 16th century to the 20th century, the new upcoming trends in structural design have always amazed the world by blending ancient architecture to form a new concept of art and construction that is now an inspiration for the contemporary architecture of the 21st century.

Building ideas and styles from ancient architecture is still preferred in many parts of the world as it tells the royal and brave stories of its forefathers. Buying a house is one important decision that we all have to make at least once in our lives and designing it is all the more difficult.

Here is a look at vintage and modern houses that could help you find what you have been looking for.

Vintage houses:

With the changing taste in house architecture and interiors, Vintage houses still stand strong with their uniqueness and showcase antique items from the old times giving your home an imperial look.

Here are some beautiful vintage houses where the nostalgia of your childhood and sweet memories will keep you smiling.

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Framed #jharokha #udaipur

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✨INTERIOR THURSDAYS✨ I think I've died and gone to old house heaven! 😱😍 Great capture and write up by the infamous @papas_adrianas 😉
"The Christian Heurich Mansion is a four story (plus an English basement) Flat Iron design constructed of steel reenforced concrete faced with brownstone and brick. It was the first fireproof residence in Washington DC. This is the ground floor parlor looking into the round tip of the flat iron design. The layout is very interesting and attractive. We were lucky enough to get a private tour and take some photos as well. The house is very dark on the inside but retains a charming cheerfulness. I think it might be because it is still used for beer brewing related events and the history of the owner. So many mansions have a sad history of the owner losing it or dying before or just upon completion. But Christian built this house in 1892 and lived in it until his death 1945 at the age of 102. He walked to work at his brewery down the road till the day he died (though the story goes that the Chauffeur followed closely and picked him up when he got to tired😉😉). The house has changed little over its life and is one of the most alluring mansions I have ever visited." 🔹🔹🔹🔹Thanks for following!! Tag your amazing old interiors to #oldhouselove & #interiorthursdays for a feature!

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One more for ✨INTERIOR THURSDAYS✨ This double drawing room is double trouble! 😘 There is so much fabulous I don't know what's better, the ceiling? The walls? The columns? The gasoliers? Big thanks to @toronto_architecture for tagging! ・・・
"#interiorthursdays looking through both rooms of the double drawing room in Glanmore (I posted the outside a few days ago.) The house was built in 1883 and is a national historic site of Canada #oldhouselove" 🔹🔹🔹🔹What's cool about old interiors? Amazing details, old growth wood, and craftsmanship that would cost a pretty penny now to re-create! 😉 Help spread the word about preserving these treasures! Tag your amazing old interiors to #oldhouselove & #interiorthursdays for a feature!

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Modern houses:

A luxurious and spacious house is all you dream of when you picture yourself living a happy life with your family. You can either keep your home sweet and simple or can give it an astounding look that showcases your luxurious life.

Here are some pictures of amazing modern construction and interiors that can be ideal for your new house where you can spend beautiful moments with your family and friends.

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