DIY home hacks

Want to learn some quick and easy home hacks that are easy to do, low cost and saves you time? You’re in luck. We have collected these practical home hacks into this one list that is easy to digest. By tweaking little things, it can make your life much easier. Enjoy!

Five home hacks that come in handy

  • Forgetting where you kept your keys is a common thing that happens to everyone sooner or later. I ended up leaving my keys in the fridge and was searching helter skelter for them. I never want to lose my keys again and this idea came in very handy. Use a wooden board and brightly colour it. Engrave the word ‘key holder’ on it. Hang it in an obvious place where it’s going to catch your eye. That way as soon as you walk into your home, you’ll see the board and remember that that’s where your keys go and voila you’ll never lose your keys again.
  • Summer time brings its own problems, like your door lock expanding and makes your door stick and stand ajar. Or your door automatically locks, there is a simple solution for this; use a rubber band to keep the door from latching.
  • If your AC is emitting a nasty smell and you don’t know what to do? You don’t have to call anybody to come to your rescue. Be your own hero by taping a good dryer sheet over the AC unit and turn it on.
  • For a clogged drain the bent wire hanger is simple enough, but surprisingly effective. Take a regular wire coat hanger and straighten it out as best you can. Then, bend one end over to create a small hook. Push that past the drain cover and start fishing. You should be able to get all sorts of hair and nasty stuff out of the drain. Remember, you always want to be pulling gunk out, not pushing it further. When you’ve got as much out as you can, run the hot water, and it should clear things up nicely.
  • There’s another problem we all face at home and that’s with all our electronic gadget’s wires sticking out and coming in the way. Lose wires like this can be dangerous as well and we have a clever tip to help you keep your wires in check and your family safe. Use an old shoe box and punch five neatly circular holes in the side. Then put a extension cord in and pull the wire out of the already made holes. That you can use the cord for many appliances at the same time without them getting tangled into each other. Try it, it’s fun and easy to do.

Get your hands dirty and fix things

These are just five of the very useful home hacks that can come in very handy. There are professionals who can do the job in an instant but at the same time they come with a price tag. You don’t have to keep running to your check book whenever something breaks or malfunctions at home. Follow these simple DIY tips and tricks to become your own personal fixer upper.


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