Fix your own floors

Floors are the foundation of your house, it is what you walk and put all your furniture on. The floors just like the way you design your interiors, walls and rooms reflect the person you are. You can also have a lot of fun picking out floor tiles or design; it can either be tiles, stone or even wood. Let your creative juices flow and think out- of- the- box or like Phil Dunphy from Modern Family says “think inside-the-box because everyone is out-side-the-box” makes perfect sense if you think about it.

Floor problems

While wooden floors make your house look beautiful, it come with a host of problems. While things like scratches and fading can be fixed with a round of polish, squeaky floors need a little more work. You can always call a professional but this would be costly, to think nothing of the time and effort wasted in coordinating with one to get the issue fixed. Instead why not do it yourself?

Fixer upper

Here are a few simple steps that you could follow to fix a squeaky floor:

The first thing you have to do is find the source of the squeak

Find the source of the squeak

Fill gaps with shims

Fill gaps with shims

Reinforce the joists

Reinforce the joists

Fill the gaps with construction adhesive

Fill gaps with constustion adhesive

Block beneath squeaky joints

Block beneath sqeaky joints

Screw hardwood flooring from below

Screw hardwood flooring from below

Caution: Construction adhesive contains a strong solvent. Wear a respirator with an organic vapour cartridge when working in closely confined areas.


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