Architecture trends from around the world

Architects from 2015’s most innovative companies look into their crystal balls and devise ways that will shape the way buildings are designed. What does the future of the architecture industry hold? Trends with a rosy future for the structures that surround us every day are foreseen to change in the next five years. Architects predict that these buildings won’t be as flashy, but they’ll be far more useful on an everyday basis. Interestingly they may be built of a material you haven’t even heard of yet.

Here are some of the ways that architects expect the field will change in the near future:

Starchitecture will dim
Attention to the paradigm shift from focus on the artifact—the physical thing—to a greater emphasis of the opportunity represented when people gather is seen now days.

Architecture will be more collaborative
As clients become more interested in thinking outside the physical box of the building, architects will need to collaborate with more experts from different fields. We are already seeing today broad design teams that include social anthropologists and environmental scientists who are creating, nurturing, sustainable and meaningful environments for potential homebuyers. The future will see policy makers joining these teams which will be a more holistic perspective of the built environment and effect broader change.

The divide between public and private space will melt away
Going beyond the client perspective, there’s also always a responsibility to the public as well. C.F. Møller’s Julian Weyer while constructing a Swedish high-rise apartment building, the firm explored how different functions of the building might be expanded to benefit not just its residents, but the city as a whole. They decided to make some spaces open to the public within the building, like a recycling facility. This bridged the divide between public and private space.

Chinese architecture will be more subtle
Known for some of the tallest and most unusual-looking architecture in the world, China has proven to be a fertile market for architecture in recent years. This year will see the market trending toward more sophisticated design as the country urbanizes and the real estate industry gets stronger.

You might work in a tower made of wood—or mud
The newfound availability of cross-laminated timber panels, engineered to be stronger and more fire-resistant than traditional wood, has allowed architects to build taller with timber. But wood probably isn’t the only ancient building material we will rethink in the next few years.

Bizarre is always better

There are new methods constantly being tested like rammed earth, an ancient technique (using a dirt mixture) that is still used to build houses in places like Australia, South Africa, and the southwest United States. Technological advances in wood/timber construction have made it possible for us to re-image some well-known building types.

Hope this article piqued your interest about delving into the real estate market and own one of these bizarre looking home.


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