Traffic getting you down?

Don’t stay stuck

One of the major issues facing our city and most parts of the country are the roads. Ask anybody and they’ll tell you how we are cheated of good roads. Even after the road has been repaired, after one heavy rain it is all washed away. The road has not only gone back to the way it used to be but most often gets worse.

Our city is expanding year by year, we’ve stretched the limits. There is no problem with the inflow of people settling here and for that we do need places for them to live. What should be done is to look into the future and see if the water and road space is wide enough to accommodate the 100s of cars that will soon be plying on those roads. The first thing you feel even before you step out of your home is frustration because you know what you have to face. This doesn’t have to be your everyday feeling. Instead come together and help make a difference and stand your ground. If you feel that things need to be done to better your residential area, then make a change.

Relax… take it easy

Skyline has a solution to combat your frustration with luxurious apartments with excellent facilities where you could come back after a long hard day of work and driving in traffic to an inviting pool to melt your worries away. Or if you’re a fitness enthusiast then the state of the art gym is just the place for you. Workout your stress away and at the same time you’re being fit and healthy.

If you’re in the Allalasandra, Hebbal or Bannerghatta area then you know these are hot spots and are bound to have traffic. Don’t let this daunt you but instead get your dream home with unmatched infrastructure and amenities. Come live you and enjoy the peace even though you’re in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Skyline will melt your worries and stress away.


Skyline Constructions is one of Karnataka’s most trusted names in real estate, something we have achieved through sheer hard work, dedication and resolve.

With a talented and dedicated team of architects and engineers, we have built world-class spaces and has earned the confidence of our clients’ with over 60 completed projects adding up to over four million square feet in industrial, commercial and residential space. To know more visit


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