Advantages and disadvantages of living in an apartment.

Our cities have started to grow vertically on account of residential apartment complexes, shopping malls and multi-storeyed office space, technology parks etc., being built at a frenetic pace. The saying rings true in every scenario there will always be bennifits and disadvantages and this is true even when it comes to properties. Let’s take a look at the many advantages and disadvantages of living in an apartment

Advantages of living in an apartment

  • You have a wide choice of dwellings at various price points at various locations with specifications according to one’s means and choices. It is practically a super market out there!
  • You have an opportunity to live in a gated community and develop lifelong friendships and learn to live as a member of a community.
  • The apartment complexes, by virtue of a large number of households, attract a large number of businesses to be set up nearby and within no time the area develops and becomes self sustainable. This also results in appreciation of the property. Locational advantage over a short period of time!
  • With amenities like clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium, shopping complexes, ATM etc., apartment complexes can provide access to various facilities within the complex.
  • Garbage segregation and collection is done responsibly without stinking up the neighbourhood.

Now let’s take a look at the disadvantages

  • The biggest drawback is that you cannot do any independent add-on construction or alterations.
  • Keeping pets is difficult if other residents have problems with it and complain about it.
  • You are bound by decisions taken by your owners’ association even if you personally disagree with them
  • You can at the most keep potted plants in your balcony. You cannot dream of having a garden and growing your favourite fruits and vegetables.
  • One of the main components of maintenance can be water charges. The water requirement is massive in an apartment complex and the civic authorities’ arrangements for water supply may have to be supplemented by buying water from private vendors at very high cost.

In the end, all properties have advantages and disadvantages. What is important is deciding what works for you. Always remember, just because a certain thing might have a lot of advantages, it does not necessarily mean it’s the right thing for you. SO go ahead and look at all the options before making the your final decision.


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