Keeping children safe at home

In most countries abroad there are social workers to keep an eye on families with children and to check if the house is safe for them. If the area they live in is safe as well, they check if there are any hazardous things in and around the house. There are many movies on television about social workers taking a look and seeing if it’s a kid’s safe zone. Movies like Precious, Case 39, I am Sam and more.

But in our country there isn’t a social worker system and that’s probably because of our vast population. The population in Bangalore has grown about 30 lakh in the last 10 years. It is growing at an alarming pace but there are apartments, villas and independent homes that take every precaution to ensure that you and your children are kept safe.


Baby proof your home

There are so many things that can be dangerous for children, like exposed wires, drawers that can be opened easily, and the gas stove knobs and small objects that a child might put into their mouth. Anything really can pose a problem. But you don’t have to fear for there are answers and tips to guide you through the process of making your home child friendly. You could do things like making sure all your electrical wires are not exposed and cluttered around. Drawers should have a child lock on it. Sharp and tiny objects should be kept in a place out of your child’s reach. Most importantly talk to your child about in-house safety.


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