Do you know your housing policies?

To live in the city or to not live in the city

The one thing that everyone who owns a home, villa, apartment, villa plot or owns a home in a gated community should know is housing policies. Before you buy a home there are so many things that go into it… Priya and Ken were on the lookout for a new home. They wanted to build their house from ground up. What they wanted was a plot of land. Now that’s the first decision made. After that they had to decide which part of town they wanted to live in. Before this they lived in an apartment in Frazer Town which as you know is a busy part of town, with a lot of traffic, noise and air pollution, which is why they were discussing moving away from all the hustle to a quieter area.


The decision to move

Even though living in the city has its perks, Priya and Ken were retired folk and wanted to live away from the city. With the constant cacophony of people talking and horns blaring, they had had enough. It was time to live the retired life. They went everywhere in Bangalore and finally decided on Whitefield. This was exactly what they wanted, away from the city and about two kilometres away from the main road.

Before buying a property they had to equip themselves with real estate law and the different policies. After a year Priya and Ken finally moved into their dream home away from the dissonance of all the noise and pollution that they put up with for half their lives.

To know more about the various housing policies and to be prepared with all the relevant real estate laws just like Priya and Ken did, click this link



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